Camshaft Thrust Plate 5255321

OE Part No:5255321

Camshaft thrust washer

The camshaft thrust plate is a critical component in an internal combustion engine, playing a vital role in maintaining proper camshaft alignment and preventing engine damage. It is typically located near the crankshaft and is designed to support the camshaft and transfer thrust forces to the engine block. Maintaining the thrust plate can help improve engine performance and extend its lifespan.

Product NameCamshaft Thrust Plate 5255321
BrandCummins ISF2.8
ApplicationAgriculture/Construction/Marine/Mining/Bus/Trucking/Defense/Municipal Services
Engine TypeDiesel
MOQ1 Piece
Lead time3-7days

The functions of camshaft thrust plate

The thrust plate maintains the proper alignment of a camshaft. It ensures that the camshaft is in its proper position and can rotate smoothly. The alignment of the camshaft is critical for precise valve timing. This directly impacts engine performance.

Transfer of thrust force: As the camshaft rotates, it generates thrust forces. The thrust plate absorbs and transfers these forces into the engine block to prevent them from damaging other engine components. The thrust plate reduces wear on the camshaft by distributing thrust forces correctly.

Engine stability: The thrust plate, which transfers thrust forces to the engine, contributes to its overall stability. It reduces vibrations, unwanted movements, and noises caused by rotating camshafts. This ensures smooth engine operation. The improved stability can result in reduced noise, increased fuel efficiency, and smoother power delivery.

The thrust plate can help to prolong the life of the engine by supporting and aligning it properly. This can extend the life of an engine over time. The thrust plate should be inspected and maintained regularly to identify and resolve any problems.

A thrust plate is used to install pipes underground using pipe ramming and pipe jacking. They are used when open excavation is not desired or where surface disturbances must be avoided. This construction method is known as trenchless.

Camshaft buttons, also known as cam thrust buttons or roller cam buttons, are designed to control the lateral movement of the camshaft in the engine. They help maintain proper alignment between the camshaft and the timing chain or gear, reducing wear on the camshaft and other valvetrain components.



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