Cummins ISL 8.9 290hp| ISLe290-30

  • Engine Model: ISLe290-30
  • Rated Power:213 kW/290HP
  • Rated Speed: 2100RPM
  • Engine Type:6 Cylinders in Line
  • Bore*Stroke(mm):114 * 144.5
  • Displacement: 8.9 L
  • Compression Ratio: 16.6:1
  • Fuel Consumption: 213 kW/290HP
  • Max Torque/Speed:1050 N.m @ 1100-1900 rpm
  • Aspiration Type: Turbocharged & Charge Air Cooled
  • Cooling Method: Water Cooled
  • Electrical System (Starter Motor/Alternator): 24V (750A)
  • Fuel System: Bosch Common rial (CCR)/ECM Governor
  • N.W: 706 Kg

Cummins ISL 8.9 290hp| ISLe290-30

Cummins ISL 8.9 290hp| ISLe290-30 automotive engine is a robust 6-cylinder, in-line, 8.9-liter engine with a bore of 114mm and a stroke of 144.5mm. It is equipped with a Bosch Common Rial (CCR) pump and an ECM governor. The ISLe290-30 engine has a turbocharger and charge air-cooled, featuring a EURO III post-processor. Its prime power at 2100 RPM is rated at 290 horsepower.

General Information

Model: ISLe290-30
Type: 6 Cylinders in Line
Displacement: 8.9 L
Bore * Stroke: 114 * 144.5
Net Weight (with flywheel & alternator): 706 Kg
Overall Dimension: 1147mm*767mm*1104mm
Manufacture Plant: Dongfeng Cummins Plant

Performance Data

Rated Power/Speed: 213 kW/290HP
Rated Speed: 2100 rpm
Max Torque/Speed: 1050 N.m @ 1100-1900 rpm
Max. No-load Governed Speed: 2330 rpm
Torque/rated Speed: 970 N.m @ 2100 rpm
Idle-Speed: 600-800 rpm
Fuel Consumption @ Rated Power: 210g/Kw.h
Max Continuous Running Altitude: 4500 m

Technical Specification

Certification: Euro III
Aspiration: Turbocharged & Charge Air Cooled
Fuel System: Bosch Common rial (CCR)/ECM Governor
Compression Radio: 16.6:1
Electrical System (Starter Motor/Alternator): 24V (750A)
Lowest Starting Temp Without auxiliary system: -12℃/-33℃
Engine Cooling Fluid Volume: 11.1 L
Cooling Method: Water Cooled

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