The majority of Cummins engines are equipped with two NOx sensors to measure the NOx emissions. One sensor is located on each side of the SCR. The upstream/inlet sensor measures NOx levels before the SCR so that the ECU can know how much DEF it should inject. The downstream/ outlet NOx sensor checks NOx levels after the SCR. This combined data is used by the ECU to check if the SCR works and determine if it needs more DEF. This data helps the SCR to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide particles from your exhaust.

Cummins NOx Sensors are extremely sensitive parts that measure fluctuations in microscopic particles of NOx in your exhaust. As with any delicate sensor, even a slight amount of damage or contamination will cause NOx sensors to malfunction. The ECU can detect data inconsistencies and generate a DTC when multiple parts are interconnected. Cummins sensor failures are often caused by soot from other emission-related components. The nitrogen oxide sensor can be inaccurate if soot from the exhaust is clogging it. The result can be that too much or not enough DEF is injected before the SCR. Here you can learn more information about what is a NOx sensor and how it work.

HAWKS Parts produce and provide Genuine Cummins nitrogen oxide sensors And replacement parts for your aftertreatment system all over the world. If the Cummins NOx Sensor is what you were looking for, please give us a call or email us through our contact form to find out the availability of this product. Our Cummins nox sensor features are;

  • Real-time monitoring
  • NOx and O2 concentration
  • Water resistance or waterproofing
  • Toxicity resistance
  • Long lifespan

What Do We Have for Cummins NOx Sensor?

NoBrandOEM Part NumberPart NumberVoltage
1Cummins 5WK9 6672287197412V
2Cummins 5WK9 6672A289494312V
3Cummins5WK9 6673287208112V
4Cummins5WK9 6673A289494112V
5Cummins5WK9 6674287197812V
6Cummins5WK9 6674A2894939/A034X84612V
7Cummins5WK9 6691A289494412V
8Cummins5WK9 6692287229712V
9Cummins5WK9 6692A289494512V
10Cummins5WK9 6740287294412V
11Cummins5WK9 6740A432687012V
12Cummins5WK9 6740B432687012V
13Cummins5WK9 6741287294612V
14Cummins5WK9 6741A432687412V
15Cummins5WK9 6741B432687412V
16Cummins5WK9 6742287294812V
17Cummins5WK9 6742A432687312V
18Cummins5WK9 6742B432687312V
19Cummins5WK9 6749287294212V
20Cummins5WK9 6749A432687212V
21Cummins5WK9 6749B432687212V
22Cummins5WK9 6753287294712V
23Cummins5WK9 6753A432686912V
24Cummins5WK9 6753B432686912V
25Cummins5WK9 6764B432687112V
26Cummins5WK9 6764A432687112V
27CumminsSNS 0798438474012V
28CumminsSNS 3510/Uni
29Cummins5WK9 6614J/24V
30Cummins5WK9 6620B498457724V
31Cummins5WK9 6675A289494024V
32Cummins5WK9 6676A289494224V
33Cummins5WK9 6693A289494624V
34Cummins5WK9 6714B/24V
35Cummins5WK9 6755A/24V
36Cummins5WK9 6756A/24V
37Cummins5WK9 7103A/24V
38Cummins5WK9 7103B/24V
39Cummins5WK9 6750289730724V
40Cummins5WK9 6750A432647224V
41Cummins5WK9 6750B432686424V
42Cummins5WK9 6750C432686424V
43Cummins5WK9 6751C432686224V
44Cummins5WK9 6752C432686824V
45Cummins5WK9 6754B432686724V
46Cummins5WK9 6754C432686724V
47Cummins5WK9 6760A432715324V
48Cummins5WK9 6761435930924V
49CumminsSNS  0161B435930924V
50Cummins5WK9 6765B432686324V
51Cummins5WK9 6765C432686324V
52Cummins5WK9 6766C432686124V
53Cummins5WK9 7348A432676924V
54CumminsSNS  0348B432676924V
55CumminsSNS  1051559395124V
57CumminsSNS  1053559457224V
58CumminsSNS  1094559460824V

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