The Cummins M-series engine Cummins QSM ISM M11 ENGINE PARTS is a straight 6 diesel engine designed and produced by Cummins. It displaces 10.8 litres. Introduced as the M11 in 1994. The M11 series is widely used in various industries such as mining, oil and gas, marine, and light-duty applications. The characterization of its operation is that it is an air-cooled, regenerative, and turboprop-driven motor generator.

Hawks Parts provides genuine QSM, ISM, and M11 series engines and parts.

Cummins QSM ISM M11

Cummins QSM ISM M11 Series

  • QSM11-G1
  • QSM11-G2
  • QSM11-G3
  • QSM11-G4
Configuration: In-line, 6 cylinder
Bore x Stroke: 125 X 147 mm
Displacement: 10.8 L
Compression Ratio: 16.1:1
Aspiration: Turbocharged/Water-Air intercooler

Cummins QSM ISM M11 Parts Catalogue

4060392/4060393NT855  cylinder block (assy)4083402/4083403M11 cylinder head
3417769NT855 camshaft3073707M11 crankshaft
3080760/3803703M11 cylinder liner kits4906948/3102777M11 gear house 
3084533M11 water pump Idler Pulley gear3008466/3008468M11 Pipe plug
4025120–129M11 main bearing3037536/3040813M11 Plug screw
3007635/3007632M11Bowl-shaped plug3042619/3042620M11 Threaded connector
3037537M11O-sealing ring3819475M11 Ventilation pipes
3394702M11 Crankshaft air box hose3037625M11 The hose elbow
3800821M11 Air compressor cylinder head sets3800825M11 Air compressor connecting rod sets
3103403M11 Air compressor 4083458M11 pulley
3800823M11 Air compressor  postion sets3819407M11 pulley,crankshaft
3161942M11 Shock absorber3935530M11  Generator
3046204M11 Generator pulley3027675M11 Oil seal
3335550M11 Thermostat3892768M11 Idler Pulley
3315843M11 Oil-water filter4023018M11 Oil seal 
3893850M11 Bracket, fuel pump3883586/4920123M11 Lifting lugs
3065358M11 Fan hub3821725M11 Blocked
3062602M11 Pulley101322M11 filter set
FH2158/3417504M11 Flywheel housing3401290M11 Oil pan gasket
3046200M11 Coupling3083727M11 Pressure sensor
3883776M11 Fuel pump Assembly3328637M11 Hexagon nut
3035362/3054609M11 Shut off valve3037537M11 O-rings
3085653M11 Flywheel3072919/3519807M11 turbo seal gasket
4089997M11 Gear cover3896335M11 Camshaft thrust stand
181461M11 Air compressor pressure valve3899450M11 Connecting rod
3161781M11 Oil cooler3007632/206741/3007635M11 Bowl-shaped plug
LF2028/3401544M11 Oil  filter3417717M11 Injector copper
3328830M11 Dipstick3800636M11 Intake valve components
4905349/4905350M11 Oil pan3417779M11 Exhaust  valve
3080416M11 Sensor 3883512M11 Valve spring cage
3070130M11 Control valve3328781M11 Valve stem oil seals
3328328M11 Sealing gasket3045850/4022907M11 Hexagon nut
4024969M11 turbocharger3074118M11 Valve stem Guide
3593686M11 turbocharger core4025161M11 postion set
4004556M11 Camshaft3016652M11 clip 
3417775M11 Camshaft gear3803977(3161801+3899413+3893752)M11 clip 
3016760-3016764M11 Camshaft gear3080760M11 cylinder liner 
3007759M11 O-ring4083244M11 cylinder pin
3090704M11 valve3406604M11 injector
3895860M11 spring3882589M11 O -ring set
3417778M11 intake valve 3070393M11 Hexagon head bolts
3800637M11 Exhaust components3801801M11  oil cooler
4022500M11 cylinder head seal gasket3819767M11  filter set
4059900M11 postion 4083006M11  gasket
3063843M11 Postion pin3883220M11  Rocker gasket
4025162M11 Cylinder  liner set3883324M11  pulley
3047188M11 Rectangle seals3069020M11  Rocker arm
3899910M11  oil manifolds3103916M11  starter
3080708M11  Piston cooling nozzle3329062M11 Heater housing
3084656M11 Exhaust pipe3401062M11 Intercooler pipe
3406883M11 Thermostat housing3800737M11 water pump
3896337M11 V-clamp4024817M11 water pump repiar kits
4003950M11 Pressure sensor4089478/4089479M11 water pump repiar kits




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