The K19 proves that reliable high-horsepower can be delivered within a compact package. Cummins has offered the clean, efficient six-cylinder K19 design for more than 30 years. It offers maximum productivity while delivering a low total cost of ownership. The K19 engine has a range of ratings between 450 hp and 700 hp (or 336 – 522kW) with a proven performance.

Hawks Parts provide genuine Cummins K19 engine and k19 parts.

Cummins 6L

Cummins k19 Series

  • KTA19-DM336
  • KTA19-DM392
  • KTA19-DM403
  • KTA19-DM448
  • KTA19-DM463
  • KTA19-507
  • KTA19-G2
  • KTA19-G3
  • KTA19-G3A
  • KTA19-G4
  • KTA19-G5
  • KTA19-G6
  • KTA19-G6A
  • KTA19-G7
  • KTA19-G7
  • KTAA19-G8
  • QSKTAA19-G3
  • KTA19-C450
  • KTA19-C525
  • KTA19-C600
  • KTA19-C700
  • KTAA19-C700
  • KTA19-P450
  • KTA19-P500
  • KTA19-P600
  • KTA19-P680
  • KTA19-P700
  • KTA19-P750
  • QSK19-C600
  • qsktaa19-c700
  • QSKTAA19-C755

Cummins ISF3.8 Diesel Parts Catalogue

3017002K19 air filter3007301K19 Pulley
3002331K19 Generator pulley3044515/3044517K19 Cylinder block (assby)
4009220/3028434K19 cylinder liner kit3200936/3007517K19 piston nozzle
3013962K19 cylinder head assby3032633K19 crankshaft assembly
3086362K19 crosshead adjust valve3007803K19 idler gear
3028968K19  flywheel housing3016717K19 gear cover 
207373K19  camshaft cover3004684(3004599)K19 gear bushing cam idler
3004686K19  bushing3004685(3004680)K19 gear bushing wtr idler 
3007803K19  gear idler3418898(3418910)K19 crankshaft asseby
AR12270/71/72/73K19 main bearing3001196/3001197K19 thrust bearing
3053476/3418857/3053477/3418859/3053478/3418858(3065810)K19 Rocker assembly3176875K19 rocker shaft
3630839K19 Rocker housing gasket3039163/3039164/3078180/3039164K19 camshaft follower
3628755/3628756K19 camshaft cover3017961K19 push rod 
207279(3047549)K19  oil pump3047710/3046853/3010388K19 rocker arm  cover
3008595K19  crankcase bearther3203694K19 crankshaft pulley
178957K19  indicator ,restriction3015238K19 transducer 
3015237K19  transducer 3056353K19 temperature switch 
3056344K19  pressure switch3016627(3200770)K19 alternator assembly
3002323K19  alternator pulley3050692/3052529K19 magnetic switch
3034776/3019152/3044522/3016717K19  gear cover3034572K19 magnetic pickup
3315843K19  fuel filter 3044195K19 governor control
3036814/3028968K19 flywheel housing3016734K19 drive assessory
3418519/3628755/3200414K19 camshaft coverAR45224K19 fuel manifold
3017472/3044413K19 DRIVE ACCESSORY3165728/3165734/3165735/3165740/3200425K19 fuel tube 
3899014/3655654/3347530K19  fuel  pump3005581(3024105)K19 flywheel  assembly
3065822(3200069/3200070)K19  check valves3017932K19 idler hole plug
4061487K19  tube fuel3008861/3008866/3012093/3013440/3013441/K19 rube 
3016724K19  rear HYD  cover3201389/3655883K19 expansion tank 
3013443/3021189/3036952K19  exchanger heat3065803/3076489K19 thermostat
3009562/3001300/3011510K19  aftercooler cover3889310K19  element,lub oil filter 
3304173K19  element,lub oil filter 3889311K19 hand hole cover 
3059757K19  Byprass filter3418862K19 oil pan
205269K19  ring retaining3042590K19 oil pan gasket
3036073K19  piston205200K19 piston pin
3811995/3811994K19  connecting rod205840/41/42/43K19 bearing connecting rod
3043909K19  bushing3070589/3090450/3090460K19 piston ring
3062598K19  pistion & cnn rod3013265K19 screw
3028960/3073207K19 camshaft3096685K19  piston
3008970K19 camshaft gear3176619/3081065(3021692/3811985)K19  cylinder head assy
205091/205094/205208/3001663/68445/205093K19 cylinder head valve 207241/3035110K19  intake/exhaust valve
3166289K19 cylinder gasket3016676/3077715/3075773K19   injector
3523851/3529871/3537570K19 turbocharger3202193/3200490/3202196/3039097/3177713/3202198K19  rocking house
3043578/3021038K19  motor starter3074540K19  sea water pump
3096217/3024150/3096213/3096220K19   turbocharger3655046/3037824/3166256/3088318/3088319K19  exhaust manifold
3201155/3201192K19   oil  coller 3200178/3200273K19   turbocharger oil return pipe
207233K19   water transfer tube3331668K19   cooler core
3098960/3165998/3088377/K19   water pump4058965K19   water filter
3418930K19   muffler assy3008862K19   connecting water 
203555K19   exhaust outle connecting 3055653K19 muffler assy
cummins k19 engine parts list




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