Cummins 6L engine series is widely used in construction, agriculture, mining, defense, oil & gas, rail, etc. Like Dongfeng Trucks, excavators, loaders, cranes, rollers, graders, bulldozers, forklifts, pavers, iron planing machines, drilling machines, concrete mixers, water pumps, and engine power packs.

Cummins 6L Engine Original from Dongfeng Cummins Joint Venture Plant, since 1986. Cummins USA is a 50% shareholder. Hawks Parts is a professional Cummins parts supplier and wholesale in China, We provide you genuine engines and parts with Cummins Agent Wholesale Price & Cummins parts Wholesaler.

Cummins 6L

Cummins Series

  • Cummins 6LTAA8.9-M300
  • Cummins 6LTAA8.9-M315
  • Cummins 6LTAA8.9-G2 (220kw)
  • Cummins 6LTAA8.9-G3 (230kw)
  • Cummins 6LTAA9.5-G1
  • Cummins 6LTAA9.5-G3
  • Cummins 6LTAA8.9-C300
  • Cummins 6LTAA8.9-C325
  • Cummins 6LTAA8.9-C340
  • Cummins 6LTAA8.9-C360
  • Cummins L270-30
  • Cummins L290-30
  • Cummins L300-20
  • Cummins L315-30
  • Cummins L325-20
  • Cummins L340-20
  • Cummins L360-20
  • Cummins L360-30
  • Cummins L375-20
  • Cummins L375-30

Cummins ISF3.8 Diesel Parts Catalogue


Part NumberNamePart NumberName
4946152cylinder block3965010crankshaft
3918776Crank Gear3904483Locating Pin
3904483Cylinder Jacket3909025Hexagon Flanged Bolt
3907177Rectangular RingEN nameBowl-shaped Plug
3965966Tappet Body4944725Conduit Pipe
3008468 Screw Plug3944163Crank Thrust Bush
3945329Camshaft Bush3943841Exhaust Manifold
3678912O Ring3678912Belt Tensioner
3944293Gear Housing Sealing Gasket3943885Hexagon Flanged Bolt
3943885Gear Housing3926846Hexagon Flanged Bolt
3913994O Ring3919683Timing pin Seat
3904849Retaining Ring3903924Timing Pin
3919624Accessory Driving Pulley3964093Inspirator Chamber
3974546Engine Oil Return Pipe4940384Cover Plate
3415327Elbow Joint Body4948041Air Compressor Water Inlet Pipe
4948043Air Compressor Water Outlet Pipe3979316Tensioner Assembly
3973114Water Pump4938841Air Compressor Bracket
4938842Air Compressor Assembly4938842Air Conditioner Bracket
3944429Water Outlet Connecting Pipe3944429Air Compressor Bracket
3940245Hydraulic Pump Sealing Gasket3944720Water Inlet Connecting Pipe
3945110Rust Protector Seat3919624Accessory Driving Pulley
4930041Air Compressor 3959799Cushion Blocking
3967014Torsional Vibration Damper3943978Crank Pulley
3967252Engine Speed Sensor Assembly3926855Fan Pulley
3415603Fan Bracket 4933292Fuel Filter Seat
3968202Oil Filler Cover3970866Air Valve Chamber Cover
3936315Fuel Filter Seat Assembly3931063Fuel Filter
3931063Oil Water Separator3925955Filter Seat Connector
3925955Rectangular Ring3925955Fuel Supply Pipe
3925955Clamp3925955Flywheel Case
3925955Rear Oil Seal Seat Sealing Gasket3925955Cover Plate
3925955Crank Rear Oil Seal3925955Rear Oil Seal Seat
3931380Fuel Pump Gear3975927Fuel Injection Pump
3975927Fuel Transfer Pump4933432Fuel Supply Pipe
4933432Fuel Return Pipe4929963Fuel Return Pipe
3957290Inspection Valve3960755Flywheel Assembly
3977620Fuel Cut Solenoid Valve3943813Gear Housing Cover
3968562Crank Front Oil Seal3941786Front Oil Seal Seat
4930793Hydraulic Steering Pump4928832Air Inlet Connector
3926842Supercharger Oil Return Pipe3937706Oil Return Pipe Gasket
3943613Air Inlet Connector3992090Sealing Gasket
3959798Air Valve Chamber Cover Sealing Gasket3415317Combination Hose
3918174Oil Cooler Core  Gasket3929011Oil Cooler Seat Sealing Gasket
3945252Installation Spacer Block3966365Engine Oil Cooler Core
3974326Oil Filter Seat3970655Compression Spring
3401544Oil Filter3285707Oil Level Gauge Pipe
4935192Oil Level Gauge3991123Oil Pump
4934402Accelerator Cable Adjusting & Fixing Plate4934402Rocking Arm Connecting Plate
4934402Oil Return Pipe4934402Oil Filler Connecting Pipe
4934402Oil Filler Cover3921644Oil Filler Connecting Pipe
3973509Oil Sump Sealing Gasket3939352Oil Suction Pipe Sealing Gasket
3927611Pipeline Bracket3926865Spacer Block
3944264 Oil Suction Pipe Assembly3974294Oil Sump
3919624Accessory Driving Pulley3948412Compression Ring
3948228Compression Ring3950549Piston Pin
3950661Connecting Rod Bush3966244Connecting Rod Bush
3979744Connecting Rod3918777Camshaft Gear
3921919Oil Ring3944001Camshaft Thrust Plate
3975929Fuel Injector3976620Camshaft
3901356Supercharger Sealing Gasket4051033Supercharger
3882589O Ring3967059Cylinder Cushion
3942588Intake Valve3942589Exhaust Valve
3944452Air Valve Spring Seat4934063Air Intake / Exhaust Conduit Pipe
4929518Cylinder Cap L3920706Bowl-shaped Plug
3964715Push Rod3966708Rocking Arm Chamber Cover Sealing Gasket
3967265Rocking Arm Chamber3972540Rocking Arm Assembly
3979176Water Temperature Sensor4931169Pressure Warning Sensor
3968466Bihexagonal Bolt3415538Starter
3937477Exhaust Manifold3937479Exhaust Pipe Gasket




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